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Bio Earth Naturals Coconut Activated Charcoal powder – Even Better than Food Grade

I recently found the most amazing activated charcoal product! Bio Earth Naturals has a great activated charcoal made from coconut. I have run into other charcoal products that are so expensive for a small little package. You can get a 1/2 pound of their activated charcoal for about $20.<br><br>Not only is the price great, it also offers a ton of uses. It eases discomfort from bug stings and bites, helps remove impurities from the skin that triggers acne, and you may even put it in your smoothies to aid in digestion also to reduce gas and bloating.<br><br>I have used it for a colon detox because absorbs toxins and removes them from your body. Whether it's for a colon detox, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, or perhaps a full body cleanse, this stuff does it all. One of the best uses I have found for the activated carbon is teeth whitening.<br><br>I used to pay a ton of money for those little packages of coconut oil with charcoal in them for oil pulling and I hate how most whitening products contain so many chemicals. Some whitening systems actually weaken your pearly whites and can harm your enamel. This product does not have anything aside from 100% natural sustainably sourced coconut charcoal.<br><br>It says that it's manufactured here in the United States in a qualified facility, therefore I feel much better about using it on (and inside) my body. The most unusual thing is that it actually fulfills medical grade specifications even though it's shown as food grade.<br><br>If anyone reading this is searching for a natural home remedy to use for whitening your teeth, cleanses, and detoxes this is the best stuff I have found yet.<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Bio Earth Naturals activated charcoal is designed for inner and exterior use. Every aspect of the production process is deliberate, from the sustainable sourcing of the coconut shells from US suppliers, to the steam activation process, all the way to the packaging in a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility in America.<br><br>This activated charcoal is one of the purest in the marketplace, which makes it ideal for almost any cleanse. It could be used for a colon detox, kidney cleanse, liver cleanse, or even a full body cleanse.<br><br>You can use this activated charcoal in your cleansing diet regimen regularly. It is not only perfect for a body detox, it is ideal for hangover relief, as the charcoal can adsorb compounds within alcoholic beverages that are believed to worsen a hangover.<br><br>teeth whitening with expensive chemicals can weaken your pearly whites. Activated charcoal is a superb teeth whitener which is 100% natural. Just put in a little activated charcoal to your favorite toothpaste and clean your teeth lightly to remove discolorations and freshen your mouth. <br><br>Mix with aloe vera gel and tea tree essential oil, to make a pampering facial cover up. Pour a scoop of activated charcoal in a moist paper towel and put on bug bites, slight burns, and wounds to ease pain and itchiness.<br><br>Bio Earth Naturals stands by their product and offers a 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE and excellent customer support so there is absolutely no risk. If you don't love your activated charcoal, send it back it for a complete refund, no questions asked.<br><br><a href=”″ target=’_blank’>Go to Amazon for more about this activated charcoal powder product</a>


My brother and I got these 'Cash &amp; Bash Coconut Body Oil's' for Christmas and they are definitely wonderful! Like a lot of individuals these days, coconut oil is becoming popular as more individuals are discovering its multi-use purposes. For many years I have gone through my fair share of coconut oil, nevertheless upon trying this brand Cash &amp; Bash, there is no doubt that they have truly set the bar high compared to other coconut products out there.<br><br>Personally I prefer to utilize coconut oil for numerous uses, including as a hair and skin moisturizer, polishing my cuticles, teeth whitening and even eliminating persistent make up! Exactly what I love about this brand is when comparing with previous coconut oil's that I had to actually dig into and get a good dollop, just a small amount of Cash &amp; Bash coconut oil is required in order to get results, making it last so much longer!<br><br>My brother had never ever attempted coconut oil before and is now absolutely raving about this product! For some time now he has struggled with acne. Coconut oil has seen a significant decrease in this nevertheless, so we are hopeful that we have hit the nail on the head and with regular use his skin problems will hopefully reduce further. Although he will not admit it, I have noticed an improvement in his hair, what a coincidence! I am sure he has been secretly experimenting with this coconut oil as his hair is looking great, stronger with a charming shine to it.<br><br>Apparently these coconut oils came from the online Cash &amp; Bash Amazon shop and after a bit more research I also found they have their own website. There is no doubt in my mind that I will be making my own purchases with this brand in the future!<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Our Niu Raw Coconut Body Oil will smooth things over like nobodies's business. This island favouritemakes for an individual on your pores and leaves your skin feeling smooth and satiated. Cover yourself in this coconutty appeal and close your eyes for that hammock, hang loose feeling. Mettle We're Made from: &quot;Drawn out using a centuries-old traditional Filipino technique, this handmade coconut oil is the purest you can get. Milk is revealed from our fresh coconuts and fermented for approximately 36 hours. When the oil separates from the water, it's somewhat warmed to remove wetness, and filtered. Ta da– a clear, fragrant coconut oil to alleviate you all over.&quot; Our Salty Sensibilities: &quot;We think up our body oil with no nasties. It's Paraben, SLS, MCI and Methylisothiazolinone free and we do not check our products on animals, leaving the bunnies, roos and crapauds to bouncing. We keep it easy and organic where we can. Our muse is the big large marvel and herbs, plants, flowers and food is our palette. We're not a humdrum brand. remain in the pocket, fresh, independent and prepared to stir.&quot;<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Click to get this NIU COCONUT OIL product now</a>

Natural Bristle Beard Brush from The Rugged Bros – Best Beard Grooming Tool for Maintenance

Take a look at this cool beard brush for men. The Rugged Bros came out with a facial beard brush that will help tame your mane. The warp resistant handle has a small curve that makes it fit properly in your hand. The bristle array itself has a curve, that shapes to your face easily, making beard care no big deal. They don't trim their bristles which weakens them and makes it harder for the bristles to go between your facial hairs. Instead they have made the bristles varying lengths, to gently go between each hair, helping you manage your beard even better.<br><br>This beard brush uses only 100% natural boar hairs that really help to move oils from face to the tips of your facial hair, making your beard appear healthy and more vibrant. Boar hair beard brushes are great for beginner beard growers because they also stimulate growth of the beard hair, helping facial hair grow in thicker and fuller.<br><br>The style of the beard brush itself is very unique and will certainly stand out on your shelf. Their eye catching logo is emblazoned on the back, and the box itself is a showpiece, marked with their vintage logo design. The Rugged Bros have recently launched their brush on, so it's very simple to get one for yourself.<br><br>When I took it out of the box, I couldn't wait to use it. The brush feels substantial with classic styling, and a jet black handle. It was clearly designed to withstand the test of time and be in a class of its own. The Rugged Bros have made this beard brush to be a step above. Not only did it help to tame my unruly beard, but the wild boar hair eased that urge to itch it constantly.<br><br>In the event anyone scanning this is having trouble managing their beard or maybe just needs to grow a beard initially, this is the best facial hair brush I have found yet.<br><br><a href=”” target=’_blank’>Click for more about this boar bristle product</a><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Trust the Rugged Bros – For the Bearded Hero&copy; <br><br>Bearding is a commitment. Isn't it time that you gave your mane the care it deserves? What better way to manage your beard then giving yourself the beard brush that is the epitome of design and aesthetics. <br><br>100% Wild Boar Bristle means that you are serious about your beard treatment and maintenance. We don't use cheap plastic, nylon, or artificial bristles in our brushes. Our bristles won't itch, damage, or irritate your beard, especially if you want to match our brush with your favorite beard oil.<br><br>From its tapered curved handle that fits your palm easily, to the irregular length bristles that slip very easily through your mane, this beard brush has it all. It even has a somewhat curved bristle array that provides maximum contact to grip your facial hair even better, making beard maintenance breeze.<br><br>Let's face it, you should have a brush built to last for years. Not only is the brush manufactured from the finest materials available, it will endure the test of time. Just throw the brush in your bag and you're all set. This soft round brush is one of the better beard products you can buy. You'll see.<br><br>The classic and stylish design of this brush comes right from the heart of New York City where the Rugged Bros call home. The cool aesthetic of the brush will stand out on your shelf, and those that are lucky enough to catch it in their gaze, will want one. The Rugged Bros stand by their beard brushes and give a 100% HASSLE FREE GUARANTEE and excellent customer service so there is absolutely no risk. If you don't love your beard brush, return it for a full refund, no questions asked.

Dentist Formulated Oral Probiotics, Improves Morning breath, Periodontal Health and Offers Immune System Support.

Top Alternative dental Practitioner creates a natural and also powerful oral probiotic blend to combat bad breath as well as fight gum disease.

If you are like me, as well as like many Americans, you are concerned in regards to your dental wellness. Bad dental wellness has been linked to heart illness, strokes, as well as various other significant wellness illnesses. And so it has come to be crucial to treat your mouth as well as your gums.

Dr. Paul O'Malley, a leading alternative dental expert, has invested years looking into ways to naturally enhance as well as maintain a state of excellent dental wellness. These advanced oral probiotics are our very first item to be launched to the general public. They are a very potent dental probiotic blend. With 7 unique types of beneficial types of probiotic microorganisms, plus minerals designed to improve as well as remineralize your teeth, this is one of the most powerful dental probiotics offered to the general public today.

They are very easy to add to your regimen, simply take the delicious tablets at night, before you get into bed, and let the helpful microorganisms to go to work. These microorganisms function to crowd out as well as to get rid of the damaging microorganisms that can cause, or add to, conditions such as: bad breath, gum illnesses, dental cavity, dry mouth, tonsil stones as well as lots of types of colds, nose infections as well as sore throats.

The best part is that everything gets done done without chemicals. The process occurs by working along with your body's own all-natural wellness mechanisms. No harmful chemicals, bleaches or indiscriminate anti-bacterial agents… it is just a healthy and balanced approach putting into action all-natural microorganisms that work to restore an improved oral environment as well as mend your mouth, teeth and also your gums!

So very easy to utilize. Our oral probiotics are now sold on, and they are conveniently shipped for Prime Members – and delivery is at no charge on with any orders over $35. Get your oral probiotics on by clicking the link in this article and then you also can begin to enjoy the much healthier gums, as well as sweeter breath that you have always wanted.

WITH CRAFTED ADHERENCE: Our fantastic tasting formula is specifically developed with a MILD CHALKINESS to deliver healing CALCIUM to your teeth and to truly assist the GOOD BACTERIA to LOCK ON and go to work.
Our Powerful Probiotic Blend, unlike other oral probiotics, contains a full spectrum of 7 POWERFUL STRAINS of friendly bacteria to aid and promote BETTER BREATH, HEALTHIER GUMS, LESS CAVITIES AND BETTER EAR, NOSE AND THROAT HEALTH. This blend of oral Lactobacillus and Streptococcus friendly bacteria consist of the effective BLIS K12|BLIS M18 bacteria, which studies have demonstrated to support improved health in the mouth as well as in the ear, nose and throat zones.
Research studies have shown that the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your mouth encourages the development of gum {disease|illnesses, gingivitis, and gum issues. This abundance of bad bacteria creates a high level of acidic pH that eats away your tooth enamel and attacks your gums, promoting dental caries and promoting gum illnesses.
FOUL BREATH TREATMENT: The primary cause of nasty morning breath, chronic halitosis and bad breath are the sulfur gases produced by bacterial overgrowth in your mouth, gums and tongue. Our effective oral probiotics go to work to naturally fight the bad germs and to restore a fresher, more natural balance in your mouth.
DRY MOUTH, TONSIL STONES AND IMMUNE SUPPORT: Our oral probiotics work for recovering saliva circulation to a natural and healthy level, which is useful for both dry mouth and dealing with tonsil stones. Furthermore, clinical studies have shown that the use of oral probiotics can enhance your body immune system and lower the incidence of ear, nose and throat infections-always a healthy plus!
Created by a leading Holistic dental expert!

Check out this oral probiotics blend product now

F.E.T.E.™ (From Earth To Earth) Eco-Friendly Bamboo Toothbrush Family Variety Pack.

I did not even think about the ramifications of biodegradable bristles and naturally it makes sense as these would break down a lot faster and get ingested into our bodies. You find out something brand-new every day! Was glad to come by these which I discovered on at an extremely reasonable cost– in my viewpoint. Extremely standard design which I choose and I am a lot happier knowing that these are bamboo handles which will break down naturally in the environment. I prefer to change my brushes out each month which this business (fromearthtoearth) also encourage; so this pack provides me a 4 month supply. Even though these cost a little bit more than some others, you do get exactly what you pay for and delighted for it.<br><br><img src=”” border=”0″><br><br>Fromearthtoearth (f.e.t.e) toothbrushes are made from natural Bamboo which is advantageous for the environment and for you. Bamboo is the fastest naturally renewing resource and is inherently anti-microbial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial meaning that your toothbrush should not become the home of many &quot;nasties.&quot; Also, bamboo disintegrates naturally in the earth and leaves less waste. Bristles are non-biodegradible nylon. We chose this alternative because we don't want any small parts of plastic breaking off and being ingested by you (which might be the case with bio-degradable bristles.) Use after every meal for the best results and brighter smiles. To clean, thoroughly wash and allow to dry. It is typically best to replace used toothbrushes with a new f.e.t.e.&trade; brush each month or after any illness. Developed for f.e.t.e.&trade; in the UK.<br><br><a href=”″ target=’_blank’>Learn more at Handle Toothbrush/</a>

All In One Teeth Whitening Kit – Professional Results with At Home Treatment System

I am a coffee and wine drinker. I know that these habits discolor my teeth. But am I willing to give them up? No. I don't know how I would get through my day without these 2 little bad habits. I have tried whitening mouth washes, toothpastes and whitening strips. Nothing really worked until I found the Beitipo Deluxe teeth whitening Kit on Amazon. It came with everything I needed in one kit, whitening gel, duplex mouth trays, a travel whitening pen, and a LED light accelerator. Plus some other trial bonuses. I will admit the gel is not the best thing that I have ever tasted but I try not to overload the tray and I don't taste it that much. It has a minty medicine taste which is a bit icky but I didn't think it was going to taste like candy so I can certainly deal with it. After only a few treatments I am so happy with the whitening results. I use it for a few days consecutively and then use it every other day like the direction instruct. This kit is just so easy to use. You just have to be sure to use it on schedule at first so that it can really kick in and you can notice a difference. I will certainly be ordering more in the future. I couldn't be happier with the results.<br><br><a href=”″ target=’_blank’>Get yours now at whitener/</a><br><br>This All-Inclusive Starter Kit is all you need to restore your teeth to a perfect pearly white. Includes everything that you need to whiten your teeth, both at home and while traveling.<br><br>Superior Quality Carbabide Peroxide Gel<br>&raquo;The peroxide gel provides the whitening elements that will beautify your teeth. This formula contains 35% peroxide, which is the ideal amount to give the optimal whitening effect, with minimal discomfort. The gel is less harsh on teeth and gums than the 44% formula, but gives an equally pleasing result, on par with a dental Professional.<br><br>2 Ways To Whiten!<br><br>&raquo;One of the qualities that makes this home teeth whitening kit special, is that is contains two ways to apply the peroxide gel. The 1st is by applying the gel to the tray, which is designed to fit all mouths. This is perfect for home applications. <br><br>&raquo;The second way to use is using the innovative Whitening Pen. You can apply the pen gel, and whiten any time you want with this sweet little device. <br><br>Bonus Items<br><br>&raquo;As well as the whitening gel and applications, you will also find a mint deep cleaning teeth {wipe|finger wipe{This All-Inclusive Starter Kit is all you need to restore your teeth to a perfect pearly white. Includes everything that you need to whiten your teeth, both at home and on the move.<br><br>Superior Quality Peroxide Gel<br><br>&raquo;The carbamide peroxide gel provides the whitening elements that will beautify your teeth. This formula contains 35% peroxide, which is the perfect amount to give the optimal whitening effect, with minimal tingling. The gel is less harsh on teeth and gums than the commonly used 44% formula, but gives an equally pleasing result, on par with a dental Professional.<br>Two Ways To Whiten!<br><br>&raquo;One of the qualities that makes this home teeth whitening kit special, is that is contains two ways to apply the peroxide gel. The first is by applying the gel to the tray, which is designed to fit all mouths. This is perfect for home applications. <br><br>&raquo;The second way to whiten is using the innovative Whitening Pen. You can apply the pen gel, and whiten any time you want with this sweet little device. <br><br>Bonus Items<br><br>&raquo;As well as the whitening gel and applications, you will also find a mint deep cleaning teeth cloth, a vitamin and aloe vera swab, and an LED light that can be used to accelerate the whitening process. Simply hold the LEDs over your teeth to speed up the gel.<br><br>&raquo;We are confident that your teeth will improve their shade, and the kit also includes a shade guide, so that you can see the progress you are making with the Beitipo teeth whitening Kit.<br><br>Created and Overseen by Dentist Professionals in the USA!<br><br>&raquo;And if that is not enough–The Kit has a 100% {Money Back|Guarantee from the Manufacturer, Sophie's Favorite Things. If you are not happy with your results simply contact the manufacturer for a complete refund.<br><br><br><br><img src=”” border=”0″>